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Founders Seed invests in talent looking to start up their own recruitment company offering operational and financial support.

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The support you need to kick start your recruitment agency ambitions

Founders Seed is dedicated to helping recruitment entrepreneurs succeed by providing them with access to experienced mentors who can provide guidance and support in all areas of their business. Additionally, the company offers financial support to help entrepreneurs fund their startup and back office assistance to help streamline their operations.

Our team have partnered with and empowered individuals and small teams to expand into full scale £million operations, opening offices around the UK. With our experience in launching, nurturing and expanding recruitment agencies, we’re able to provide unrivalled support and guidance to enable the next generation of recruitment entrepreneurs to reach success.

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Recruitment Businesses
Grown From An Idea

Amber Resourcing

We’re dynamic tech matchmakers. Our mission is to revolutionise the tech recruitment industry by fostering long-term partnerships and focusing on candidate retention.

We prioritise candidate retention because we know that a stable and engaged workforce drives success and fuels innovation. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique company cultures and find candidates who align with their values. By ensuring a strong cultural fit, we increase the likelihood of long-term employment and create an environment where innovation can thrive

  • Specialist Tech Teams
  • City Centre HQ
  • Two UK Office Locations

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“We were a team of specialist recruiters with an idea as to how we could create something really unique in the tech hiring market. We’re now placing in both public & private sector and continually expanding our reach & capability with Founders Seed support”
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Jack Spence, Managing Director
F5 Consultants

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